Freedom Riders were groups of people how were both black and white people. They were also civil rights activists from the north. They meant to demonstrate that segregated travel on interstate buses, that even though banned by an I.C.C. Ruling, were still being enforced throughout much of the south.

An author of a newsweek article stated this as the southern opinion of the reason for the freedom. The U.S. court decision made in Decemder 1960 stated the interstate passengers have ... a right to expect that... would be renderd without discrimination, as prohibited by the interstate commerce act. ( freedom riders' 18). This law was geared towards integration on public transportation.

In 1961 the Supreme Court decision to end segregation not only in travel, but also in bus terminal facilities, prompted a new set of Freedom Riders and SNCC's involvement. In 1961 a group of seven black and six white people, including John Lewis, left Washington, D.C. for New Orleans on two buses, a Trail way bus and a Greyhound bus. A group made it through virginia and north corolina with no problems

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The Freedom Ride left Washington DC on May 4, 1961. It was scheduled to arrive in New Orleans on May 17, the seventh anniversary of the Brown decision. Unlike the original Journey of Reconciliation, the Freedom Ride met little resistance in the upper South

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